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About Us


My name is Lance Peters. I have been selling coconut oil for the last 13 years. 

Its a great general purpose oil. Wonderful for soap making, cooking, hair, skin, oil pulling and baking.

We also make and sell soap made with the coconut oil and colloidal silver. Our first batch of soap was some 10 years ago now. We still have people who purchased soaps from our very first batch that order regularly. 

Its mild and moisturising for the skin. Great for washing your hair. May even slow up the greying process. 

The soap has also been great as a treatment for nits and fleas. We supply some schools Nit soaps every year and its a cheap simple solution.

As are the Flea soaps. You and pooch will be very pleased with the results.


Over the last few years the oil has increased in price as have the containers and the courier.

We have tried to keep our prices as low as possible and hope this website will help. Its a big saving in fees over selling on other sites.