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Coconut Oil 100% Pure 20L

Coconut Oil 100% Pure 20L

  • 20500

20L food grade pail 100 % organic
Coconut oil is solid in colder temperatures, but melts and becomes a clear liquid in warm weather, or when heated.
It is very stable, so can be used for cooking at higher heats than other oils. Good quality coconut oil is often very mild flavoured, so is compatible with a lot more dishes than some stronger flavoured coconut oils. Use it for pan frying, baking or snack bars, or add to hot drinks. The best oil for deep fryers.
The largest component of coconut oil is lauric acid, which is a medium chain triglyceride or fatty acid. Short and medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) are transported directly to the liver where they are immediately converted to energy. Modern research has shown that MCFA can prevent and heal many illnesses because of its antimicrobial properties. Aside from its ability to improve the immune system, MCFA also aids in the absorption and retention of magnesium, calcium and some amino acids.

Coconut oil is anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal, so is good for many health conditions.

This oil is from the Philippines and has been cold pressed from fresh coconuts. Impurities have been removed with absorptive clays which also makes the oil very mild flavored. Ideal for cooking, topically or internally.

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